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SZF Series Linear Vibration Screen

What does it do?

SZF series linear vibrating screen can

be used universally for test screening

or to produce between 2 and 4 screen

fractions.Wet or friable dry material in

a gentle linear vibratory action. Acts as

a conveyor whilst sieving the product.



Principle of the structure

SZF series linear vibrating screen use vibration motor as vibration source, the materials is rosed and moved in the straight at the same time. The materials are entered into entrance equality, and then go through screen to create the materials with different sizes, which was discharged, from different gates. It is suitable for low consuming, high output, and simple structure, easily maintain all-closed structure, no powder dispersed, automobile discharged.



Notes : The dimensions is according to 1 tier of shifter figure mould dimensions inner place the form.


1. Shifter engine that this corporation may need on the basis of consumer but the particular type standard of design tabrication .


2. This corporation continues to have the right mendd to all technologicals data and dimensions,and the design is not conform to in go strictly by the facts matter together with the script,ought to be with the material object in the interest of surely, the right to interpret Gui Bencorporation. .

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