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WS Series Airflow Sieving Machine

What does it do?

For the material of light-weight and easy-adhesionthe,it have a

unexpected effect .It can make your factory clean as same as

1.What material  suitable for WS Seires airflow sieving machine ?
Through the sieving use of materials to 120—180 mesh

light calcium carbonate , 20-150 mesh rubber chemicals,300 mesh

haw powder , 320-500 mesh zinc powder , 500 mesh black iron

oxide , red iron oxide , 120—160 mesh Chinese medicine

powder , 100 mesh gypsum powder.
Another application:
Black lead powder, resin powder, pigment, cosmetic, fire proof plastic

powder, china clay, aluminum powder, glass powder, endure fire

materials, starch, milk powder, metallurgy, electricity materials,

copper powder, carbon black, active carbon.




Principle of work

WS series air flow sieving machine abandons gravity working principle, adopts the working principle of kinetic energy to do works, with the air as carrier. Mixing the materials and air through the negative pressure airflow, put them into the vane of the sieve motor, impose the leaf , then spray out of the screen to the bucket-type sieve mesh , finally collect them through the volute. The oversize materials couldn’t pass the screen, discharge them from the outlet automatically, reach the purpose of fast sieving .

Function characteristic

High efficiency sieving : more than 95%;
The output is about 5-10 times or more than vibrating sieve;
Wide scope of thinnest: powder materials with the size of 80-600 mesh can filter with high efficiency;
Precision of thinnest, no super and mixture grade;
Install uprightness, long duration;
Siving procedure is processed under pressure, no powder pollution;
Be matched with all kinds of mill and mesh work;
Low noise, low consuming, continuous working, decrease maintain.


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