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WSA Horizontal Airflow Sieving Machine

What does it do?

WSA series horizontal airflow sieving

machine is the ideal choice for continuous

scalping of dry or moist materials, even

those that tend to ball or agglomerate as

these units delump and deagglomerate

while screening. Non vibratory sifting of bulk

quantities of powders.



Working Principle

The cylinder screen-mesh of this device is placed inside the base machine. The material enters the screen tube with airflow mixed and atomization after passing the screw conveyor system; the material is sprayed through the screen and discharged from the fine stuff portal in the effect of centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling power, which are caused by the rotor vane inside the net tube. The material, which cannot cross the screen, is discharged from the rough stuff portal along the s


1. The machine can operate either in single unit or in multiple units, and it is safe and reliable for long time operation;

2. The screen-mesh can be cleaned automatically by cyclone; The machine has the function of re-crushing the agglomeration material;

3. The new roller bearing units can prolong the using life;

4. New design: The gas protection system can transfer the purified air to the two ends of the device, which will reduce the temperature created in the operation of the device; it will form the air isolated layer to avoid the powder entering the bearing so as to increase the using life of the bearing effectively, reduce the maintenance frequency, and increase work efficiency.